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If you're not yet diffusing your space or your aroma diffusion system is costing you money, you're missing an opportunity - and not just because you are missing out on revenue. We receive thousands of calls, emails and texts each year from retail customers.

Many contact us because they want to take home the aroma of a place they visited. In other words, they want to bottle the memory of their experience.

In many cases, we can refer the client back to the resort, hotel or business where it results in a sale for the business and a lasting memory for the client. But if they do not diffuse aroma or retail the aroma and diffusers, they are missing a vital opportunity to improve their relationship with the client and lock their positive brand experience into that client's mind each time they use it.


Most diffuser companies don't know much about designing retail products. We  do. AiroMystic is blessed that our sister company, Ajne Natural Fragrance Co., successfully manufacturers and sells dozens of award-winning retails products - 100% natural perfumes, lotions, shower gels, candles, soaps - you name it. And of course we produce the finest small retail diffusers and 100% natural bottled aroma.

Keep it simple or carry a variety of items - either way, you'll sell thousands of dollars each month of your scent. And each time the client uses it, they'll think of you and your business.


Many retailers are surprised to find customers stay longer and feel more comfortable in their space when subtle non-chemical aroma is diffused. What does your space smell like? If you think it's "scent neutral", we invite you to re-consider. Cleaners are loaded with chemicals and "masking agents". A hundred other factors affect the scent of every space. Your guests are already getting "an immediate emotional message" from your space. Why not make sure that message is welcoming, pleasant and aroma chemical free? Not to mention anti-bacterial, anti-viral and pollen free!

Check out our client testimonials below and learn how adding aroma vastly improved their sales volume and customer satisfaction.

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To Air is Divine

When a guest enters your space, they instantly make a "comfort assessment." They can't help it. Their brain is wired to respond that way. But you and AiroMystic can have a dramatic influence on how they feel. But don't take our word for it. Read the testimonials of our clients below. They all report customers stay longer, comment about how great it smells and many want to purchase the aroma to take home. Sales go up. Really! And every time a customer smells your aroma, they'll think of you - guaranteed.

Scent to Mental

The success of aroma diffusion marketing is based in science. The sense of smell is 1000 times more powerful than any other sense. Aroma creates an immediate emotional response that bypasses typical thought response because messages arrive directly to the brain via chemical messenger. The olfactory bulb and limbic systems are ancient brain areas that control motivation, emotion and memory. Let AiroMystic help you scent your space as we lock a postive memorable experience into your guest's mind.

Air on the Side of Caution

At AiroMystic, we work entirely with pure essential oils - the liquid aroma and healing properties of plants extracted via distillation. Our Perfumer then blends them into mesmerizing combinations. Unlike the synthetic aroma chemicals used by our competitors, our aromas not only smell great, they are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and pollen free. They help purify the air. Click here to read independent, non-industry funded studies from reputable sources such as major universities and the US Library of Medicine.


Risk-free Samples

Looking for the perfect aroma for your space. Can't decide? No worries. Try our risk-free samples.

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