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Citrus Fresh or Green

Explore 100% natural blends with fresh, citrus or green characteristics by clicking on the photos below.

Diffuser Oil - Limoncello Diffuser Oil - Limoncello

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Diffuser Oil - Limoncello

Citrus Fresh Style - It was on a trip to Positano and Capri that Jane first conceived the formula of Limoncello. She sipped liqueur as she looked out over the villa-steeped hills and deep blue Mediterranean sea from her balcony...

Diffuser Oil - Liquid Sunshine Diffuser Oil - Liquid Sunshine

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Diffuser Oil - Liquid Sunshine

Citrus Fresh Style - Has it been a long cold lonely winter? Here comes the sun! Liquid Sunshine will bring a smile to your space with its exquisite bend of fresh lemon zest, aromatic lemongrass and a warming blend of spices includ..

Diffuser Oil - Margarita Ville Diffuser Oil - Margarita Ville

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Diffuser Oil - Margarita Ville

Citrus Spice Style - Margarita Ville wafts over you like a Caribbean breeze with fresh notes of green lime, fresh lemongrass and a finish of spiced ginger. You'll feel like you've found your favorite hammock shaded by palms sway..

Diffuser Oil - Peaceful Warrior Diffuser Oil - Peaceful Warrior

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Diffuser Oil - Peaceful Warrior

Citrus Fresh Style - Peaceful Warrior celebrates the perfect unity of love, trust and strength. It purifies with fresh lemon. It soothes with herbaceous chamomile and it shares its boldness with ylang ylang. So strike you warrior ..

Diffuser Oil - Pure Fresh Diffuser Oil - Pure Fresh

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Diffuser Oil - Pure Fresh

Fresh Herbaceous Purifying - Looking for an odor neutralizing blend that's not overpowering? Pure Fresh is for you! It's ingredients are crafted to neutralize and refresh stale areas. And the chemical-free formula is naturally ant..

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