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Energizing Blends

See our selection of 100% natural aroma blends with energizing properties by clicking the images below.

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Diffuser Oil - Inspire

Herbaceous energizing blend - Inspire is an uplifting aroma blend with aromatic herbaceous notes of coastal mint, Mediterranean rosemary and ginger spice .  This oil combination is reputed to invigorate the mind and body as i..

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Diffuser Oil - Liquid Sunshine

Citrus Fresh Style - Has it been a long cold lonely winter? Here comes the sun! Liquid Sunshine will bring a smile to your space with its exquisite bend of fresh lemon zest, aromatic lemongrass and a warming blend of spices includ..

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Diffuser Oil - Tahoe

Woody Coniferous Style - Ahhh Tahoe. Fresh mountain air. The clearest water from emerald green to cerulean blue. Pristine nature whether winter or summer. Jane's Tahoe blend captures the fresh essence of this mountain paradise. Ar..

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