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Best Way to Eliminate Smoke and Odor

  • 02 Aug 2018

We've been receiving a lot of inquiries about eliminating smoke odor due to all the recent wildfires. We hope you, your family, friends and pets are safe! (PS: we receive smoke and odor inquiries from our casino and hotel clients too.)

So how do you get rid of smoke and odor in your home or business? Will an aroma diffuser remove smoke or just cover up odor?

Effective smoke mitigation calls for a two-pronged attack. You must address - smoke particulates - which are not good to breathe! And eliminate smoke odor - which makes the environment unappealing. Each issue requires a complimentary solution. Let's begin with the particulate issue.

The ONLY way to remove particulates combines a low and high tech solution: thorough cleaning and air purification. First, you must clean and may need to replace (as in the case of a smoke damage), carpets, wall hangings, window coverings and effected surfaces. For casinos and hotels where smoking is allowed, they must regularly clean all surfaces (of course). Next to purify the air, you will need a good HEPA filtered air purifier or an industrial air purification system properly sized and rated for your spatial requirements. This is the ONLY way to completely remove smoke particulates.

Related: I constantly see and hear companies promise clients that an enzyme or protein will "eat" or "dissolve" all the smoke particulates. I've yet to see a 100% satisfied customer of this promise.

Sure, in a laboratory setting where the chemical can sit with the smoke particulate long enough, it can dissolve it. But floating through the air and instantly dissolving the smoke would be awesome! In fact, I imagine fire fighters would have vats of the stuff to spray in buildings filled with smoke to make the smoke disappear, right? Heck who needs a respirator!?  But you get my point. It's more likely that materials ionically bond with and knock down particles where they then dissolve and get removed by cleaning - just like certain 100% natural essential oils do as well.

Bottom line: A good HEPA filtered air purifier is a necessary part of your complete smoke elimination strategy.

Hepa Filter Purification Unit

Step 3: Eliminate the awful odor! This entails implementing the right aroma diffuser for you. (Click the last sentence to learn about the various types available.) Prices range from about $69 to $300 for the very best. Tip: Make sure it's not a model that uses water as they emit mold - the last thing you need! (See what Consumer Reports said about ultrasonic water diffusers.)

Instead of using chemicals in your diffuser to help eliminate the particulates and eliminate smoke odor, I highly recommend specific combinations of pure essential oil blends because a number of promising independent studies indicate that these essential oils also help reduce irritation and inflammation of lung tissue and mucous membranes.

Electronic Aroma Nebulizing Diffuser

Essential oils are effective remedies against mold, microbes, spores, bacteria and viruses. In fact, hospitals and many scientific studies report that certain complex and efficient essential oils kill even resistant strains of MRSA and other pathogens - many studies find they perform better than chemical alternatives!

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), synthetic fragrance chemicals are considered to be the leading cause of cosmetic contact dermatitis. Check out non-fragrance industry funded studies indicate aroma chemical fragrances can cause mild to severe reactions in 16.9 to 32.7 percent of the population!

On the contrary, essential oils (which are 100% free of pollen due to distillation) inhaled at suitable recommended levels are generally recognized as safe by the FDA and US Library of Medicine reports "generally safe for inhalation by most people when used as directed."

Remember to diffuse aroma at a subtle level - like being outdoors and smelling the fresh, plant-perfumed air - but without any pollen. No need to blast it! What is subtle? Here's my rule: 20% of your guests shouldn't even notice the aroma. That's the perfect, subtle level.

Ok! That's it. So I look forward to your questions and comments and hope this information helps you find the best solution for your situation.


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