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1. The AiroMystic process begins by growing, harvesting and selecting only the finest plants.
2. Only the cream of the crop is distilled to intensify the fragrant properties and remove pollen.
3. Next AiroMystic's natural perfumer blends as many as 100 distilled pure plant essences into complex, mesmerizing aromas for diffusion.
4. The containers are decorated and the aromas are carefully bottled.
5. Our state-of-the-art diffusers micronize the liquid oils into pollen-free 100% natural fragrant perfection.

In 2005, our founder Jane and her company Ajne Natural Fragrance Co. (our sister company) were featured in hundreds of magazines and news shows. With its large celebrity following - having crafted scents for many famous stars including Pierce Brosnan, Kerry Washington, Terrence Howard, Kristin Bell, Debra Messing and hundreds of others - Jane was honored to be featured in the Academy Awards Gift Basket.

Four Seasons Hotels was searching for a company to scent their premier properties. But Four Seasons did not want petro-chemical aroma. They wanted a custom 100% natural scent that captured the unique essence of each property. And while they met with dozens of diffuser makers that offered synthetic scent and even a few that sold some standard essential oil blends, none was an expert in crafting healthy 100% natural aroma - especially customized aromas. So they hired Jane to help them "make scents of the world" - and AiroMystic was born.

Today, Jane and AiroMystic continue to formulate complex and mesmerizing all-natural aroma blends, as well as state-of-the-art diffusion equipment for thousands of loyal clients. We invite you to explore our offerings and experience the AiroMystic difference.

Let Us Show You What We're Made Of

If a mesmerizing 100% natural aroma is important to you, you've come to the right place. Few companies possess the necessary expertise to grow real plants, distill them and blend the extractions into a remarkable fragrance. We do. Since 2005, clients have counted on us to produce the finest all-natural aromas - many that meet USDA certified organic standards. We invite you to experience the AiroMystic difference.

Scenter of the Universe

Our founder Jane is one of the world's most recognized natural perfumers. Hundreds of the world's most famous celebrities and businesses have met with her to create fragrances. She founded AiroMystic based on her passion and commitment to all-natural ingredients from real plants. No petroleum derivatives. No animal testing or ingredients. Jane believes every AiroMystic aroma must be as safe and healthy as it is spellbinding.

Art of Aroma

One look at the AiroMystic selection of products reveals our passion for design. From our very first harvest at our small organic farm to our first fragrance, we poured our devotion into each blend. And we continue that tradition. We still produce each formula by hand in exacting detail. No one makes our aromas for us. Our machines are as beautiful as they are efficient. Welcome to the aromatic nexus of design, nature and technology.


Jane Hendler, Founder & Nose

Meet the Founder of AiroMystic. Learn how she became the leading natural aroma expert.

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