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About Diffusion


Aroma diffusion or scent marketing uses specialized equipment called aroma diffusers to scent indoor spaces. There are many types of equipment from small space diffusers to large systems that will scent entire buildings. Some us fans. Some use pumps. Some evaporate scent into the air. Some are not diffusers at all, but are really humidifiers.

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There are 4 types of aroma that may be diffused.  AiroMystic uses - complex blends of as many as 100 essential oils, which are the liquid scent and healing properties of the plant extracted and intensified via distillation. The second type is synthetic aroma that is typically engineered from petroleum. It is a near copy of the most potent single constituent of a plant molecule. For example, the most potent constituents of lavender are linalool and linalyl acetate. So synthetic lavender fragrance is an engineered near copy of linalool. The third type of scent is a mixture of essential oils and aroma chemicals and usually has a description such as "made with essential oils" or "contains essential oils" rather than "100% essential oil aroma" or "100% chemical-free". The fourth type is called a "natural isolate" or "nature identical". These are engineered molecules from less expensive plant matter. Like synthetics, they copy a small portion of a complete plant molecule. For example the geraniol portion of a rose molecule, may be isolated from geranium. Of as many as 200 other constituents in the complex natural rose molecule, the isolate is usually of one or possibly two.

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AiroMystic diffuses complex blends of as many as 100 pure essential oils formulated to the ideal and proper consistency for diffusion. Our dual pump dry micronizing technology is a patented feature of our aroma diffusers. We use high-powered pumps to micronize liquid essential oils into dry aromafied air particles less than 1 micron in size. By comparison, aerosol particles are typically wet and 100 times larger.

AiroMystic scent systems are ideal for the delivery of essential oils - always pollen-free, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Count on AiroMystic to provide aromas as safe and healthy as they are spellbinding. We are the natural organic scent experts.

But There's so Many Types!

It can be overwhelming to understand diffusers! Many look identical from the outside. For more detail than we can fit here, click this link. For retail, you usually see ultrasonic types, evaporative or fan diffusers, vacuum diffusers or nebulizing diffusers. The description essential oil diffuser, just means you can use essential oils too. Large commercial diffusers are usually nebulizing or fan type. At AiroMystic we offer the very best: dry micronizing diffusers that use pure essential oils. Learn why.

Scent to Mental

The success of aroma diffusion marketing is based in science. The sense of smell is 1000 times more powerful than any other sense. Messages arrive directly to the brain by chemical messenger. The olfactory bulb and limbic systems are ancient brain areas that control motivation, emotion and memory. Aroma creates an immediate emotional response that actually bypasses typical thought responses. Let AiroMystic help you scent your space as we lock a postive memorable experience into your guest's mind.

Synthetic Scent or Essential OIl

There are 4 materials to put in diffusers. Synthetic aroma, the most pervasive, is engineered in a lab typically from petroleum molecules. Essential oils are the liquid aroma and healing properties extracted from plants. Some companies combine synthetics and essential oils or use "isolates". At AiroMystic we work entirely in pure essential oils. But we possess the skill to blend as many as 100 oils into complex mesmerizing aromas as healthy as they are unforgettable. Click to explore studies by News, Universities and The National Institute of Health.



Custom Designed Diffusers

Looking for a custom-designed system that matches the decor of your property? Or perhaps an invisible system? We're an expert in custom design.

Custom Scent Development

We are honored to share the story of creating Patron Tequila's signature scent - Baked Agave.

Large Area Diffusion

Large area diffusion is typically implemented via the HVAC system. It can also be free-standing or wall mounted and scent 500,000+ cubic feet.

Home & Office Diffusion

Beautiful, efficient and silent - AiroMystic produces the finest home and office diffusion systems of the same exacting quality as our large systems.

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