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About Our Founder Jane Hendler

Founder, Natural Perfumer, C.M.E.O.T, Herbalist

Our Founder and Natural Perfumer, Jane Hendler began her love affair with the magical aromas of plants as a child playing near her neighbor's lilacs in Chicago.

"The intoxicating aroma captivated my imagination," she recalls. And that passion drew her to the beauty industry where she worked first as a model, then a sales person, and eventually a Vice President for a large beauty product company. And while Jane loved organic ingredients like lavender and cedar, she dreamed of formulas containing exotic plant ingredients and combinations - blended from real plants instead of petroleum and chlorine based chemicals.

And with that, her life's dream became clear. Inspired to pursue her passion, Jane followed her nose on a 12 year educational quest, completely immersing herself in study with university accredited institutions as she inhaled every nuance of plant alchemy, formula construction, classic perfume development and distillation. She graduated as a Certified Master Essential Oil Therapist and Herbalist.

Jane's training and passion enabled her to blend her gifts as a natural perfumer with product formulation. She re-discovered ancient alchemical secrets and adapted them to the latest state-of-the-art technology to source, grow, distill and craft the world's most breathtaking plant oils into the finest, safest, 100% natural and organic ambient aromas - from seed to scent. She then developed and paired the 100% natural aromas with the finest, most efficient and affordable scent diffusion equipment.

Today, Jane and her company AiroMystic have become widely recognized as the leader in natural scent development and state-of-the-art aroma diffusion technology. She is blessed to have produced blends for many famous celebrities including Pierce Brosnan, Kerry Washington, Jessica Biel, Terrence Howard, Debra Messing, Kristen Bell, Alanis Morissette and hundreds more. Her company - AiroMystic - provides 100% natural ambient diffusion in numerous well known and respected businesses such as Four Seasons hotels, Rosewood Hotels, Intercontinental hotels, auto dealerships, aquariums and even hospitals.