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Explore herbaceous blends such as our farm-grown organic lavenders by clicking on photos below.

Diffuser Oil - Buddha Lounge Diffuser Oil - Buddha Lounge

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Diffuser Oil - Buddha Lounge

Soft Herbaceous Floral - Slow down with the chill vibe of Buddha Lounge - an a capella that soothes the soul and quiets the mind. Its melody of scent begins with sweet orange followed by a fusion of lavender until at last it envel..

Diffuser Oil - Friday Harbor Diffuser Oil - Friday Harbor

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Diffuser Oil - Friday Harbor

Herbaceous Style - One of the best places to sail in the entire United States, Friday Harbor is a natural paradise. Long, lazy summer days that last until nearly ten. Bio-luminescent sparkling water. Friday Harbor opens with notes..

Diffuser Oil - Inspire Diffuser Oil - Inspire

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Diffuser Oil - Inspire

Herbaceous energizing blend - Inspire is an uplifting aroma blend with aromatic herbaceous notes of coastal mint, Mediterranean rosemary and ginger spice .  This oil combination is reputed to invigorate the mind and body as i..

Diffuser Oil - Lavender Fields Diffuser Oil - Lavender Fields

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Diffuser Oil - Lavender Fields

Fresh Herbaceous Style - While renting a villa with friends near San Tropez, Jane made a summer drive trip to the legendary lavender growing region of Provence. Without reservations, she found an enchanted renovated castle B&B..

Diffuser Oil - Mediterraneo Diffuser Oil - Mediterraneo

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Diffuser Oil - Mediterraneo

Herbaceous Style -Jane loves the towns, country-side and islands of the Mediterranean. On one adventure - without any reservations, she rented a car and set out on a drive trip. She discovered an enchanting castle B&B from whi..

Diffuser Oil - Nirvana Diffuser Oil - Nirvana

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Diffuser Oil - Nirvana

Fresh Herbaceous Style - Nirvana is our most popular spa blend and diffused in some of the world's most well-known spas. If you have ever visited the Blue Mountains of Australia, you may be familiar with one of the notes. The Bl..

Diffuser Oil - Ocean Air Diffuser Oil - Ocean Air

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Diffuser Oil - Ocean Air

Herbaceous Marine Style -Why is it that the Ocean seems to carry our cares away? Some say it's the negative ions of the sea air itself. Jane has enhanced the sea breeze with fresh coastal mint, aromatic beach bluff pine and fi..

Diffuser Oil - Peaceful Warrior Diffuser Oil - Peaceful Warrior

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Diffuser Oil - Peaceful Warrior

Citrus Fresh Style - Peaceful Warrior celebrates the perfect unity of love, trust and strength. It purifies with fresh lemon. It soothes with herbaceous chamomile and it shares its boldness with ylang ylang. So strike you warrior ..

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