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Spicy or Holiday

Find your ideal Spicy or Holiday blend of 100% natural ingredients by clicking on the images below.

Diffuser Oil - Aztec Chocolate Diffuser Oil - Aztec Chocolate

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Diffuser Oil - Aztec Chocolate

Spicy - Welcoming - Essential Oil Fragrance - Jane crafted Aztec Chocolate as a tribute to one of her favorite Mexican Cities - San Miguel de Allende. The aroma begins with luscious blood orange, followed by a rich blend of cardam..

Diffuser Oil - Margarita Ville Diffuser Oil - Margarita Ville

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Diffuser Oil - Margarita Ville

Citrus Spice Style - Margarita Ville wafts over you like a Caribbean breeze with fresh notes of green lime, fresh lemongrass and a finish of spiced ginger. You'll feel like you've found your favorite hammock shaded by palms sway..

Diffuser Oil - Spice Route Diffuser Oil - Spice Route

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Diffuser Oil - Spice Route

Spicy Style - Spice Route is an exquisite spicy aroma. Many famous restaurants diffuse it in their public areas to share its beautiful scent that doesn't conflict with food aromas. In fact, Jane originally developed it for a famou..

Diffuser Oil - Tahoe Diffuser Oil - Tahoe

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Diffuser Oil - Tahoe

Woody Coniferous Style - Ahhh Tahoe. Fresh mountain air. The clearest water from emerald green to cerulean blue. Pristine nature whether winter or summer. Jane's Tahoe blend captures the fresh essence of this mountain paradise. Ar..

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