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Medium Sized Spaces

View our aroma diffusers designed to serve medium-sized spaces such as offices or homes by clicking the links below.

Essential Oil Diffuser Nimbus III Essential Oil Diffuser Nimbus III


Essential Oil Diffuser Nimbus III


Air-Care for Homes & Small Biz - The Nimbus III is a waterless professional quality nebulizing diffuser. It is about the size of a book. It emits pure essential oil bursts of aroma to scent up to 3000 square feet. It turns i..

Nebulizing Diffuser CreScent Nebulizing Diffuser CreScent


Nebulizing Diffuser CreScent


Oil diffuser for large homes or business - The CreScent is a professional quality aroma diffuser for larger spaces up to 2,000 cubic meters. It easily adapts to provide scent via free standing, wall mount or HVAC (heating ventil..

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