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1. The AiroMystic process begins by growing, harvesting and selecting only the finest plants.
2. Only the cream of the crop is distilled to intensify the fragrant properties and remove pollen.
3. Next AiroMystic's natural perfumer blends as many as 100 distilled pure plant essences into complex, mesmerizing aromas for diffusion.
4. The containers are decorated and the aromas are carefully bottled.
5. Our state-of-the-art diffusers micronize the liquid oils into pollen-free 100% natural fragrant perfection.


AiroMystic is a expert natural perfume house that produces the finest aroma diffusers - not a diffuser maker selling synthetic scent made by others - and not an essential oil re-seller that wholesales a few diffusers.

Our Founder and Nose is arguably today's most renowned natural perfumer. She has met with and designed fragrances for hundreds of the world's most famous celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan, Debra Messing, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Jessica Biel, Terrence Howard, Rob Lowe, Kerry Washington and hundreds of others. She's been featured in most major magazines and television news programs. Her diffusion clients include Four Seasons Hotels, Rosewood, St. Regis and Intercontinental - to name a few. She has even been hired to craft scent for aquariums and hospitals!

So what exactly does that mean for you? Here's the summary:

If you don't mind petroleum-based aroma or chlorine-based scent diffusing into your space, there are many fine companies that can help you. If a simple blend of 3 or 4 essential oils mixed together will meet your needs (unless it clogs), there are lots of essential oil sellers you can buy from.

But if you want 100% natural mesmerizing aroma perfectly crafted for use with the finest, affordable state-of-the-art aroma diffusers, you've come to the right place - the #1 source for all-natural diffusion. We're glad you're here! We'd be honored to serve you!

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We Make Scents

While our competitors purchase pre-blended synthetic fragrance from large scent houses, AiroMystic makes every aroma in-house. Our Founder is a world-renowned natural perfumer having served hundreds of famous celebrities and businesses. She is an expert at crafting ultra-complex natural aromas surpassing even synthetic formulations. We would be honored to serve you!

Alchemy meets Science

The art of crafting pure plant aroma demands a thorough grasp of alchemy and intuition that borders on the mystic. Synthetic perfumers may say natural aroma ingredients limit their creative scope. We disagree. Jane recreates many scents once thought impossible to create naturally. And we implement the latest technology to distill plants once considered un-distillable.

Air on the Side of Caution

We're passionate about the health benefits and complex aroma profiles of our pure essential oil formulations - always pollen-free, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. But don't take our word for it! Check out US Library of Medicine, EPA and University studies. We invite you to help purify the air with our 100% plant-derived aromas - as healthy as they are spellbinding.

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Been There Done That

We have a proven record of success. Whether it's one room or a massive building, we've done it - "scentcessfully." And while we've performed immense installations, we offer the same outstanding service to every retail client. Each and every retail diffuser provides the same state-of-the-art technology as our large commercial units.

Art of Design

In 2005, we set out to find the best diffusers. Back then, the available diffusers were too loud or too inefficient or too expensive or plain ugly. Some grew mold! Yuck! So we began producing our own line: Germ-free, beautiful, efficient, reliable, affordable and quiet. Count on AiroMystic to provide diffusers as beautiful as they are effective.

Experts in our Field

Few companies in the world grow, distill and blend real plant oils. AiroMystic does. In addition to our small spring-fed organic farm, we work with select small farmers to obtain the finest 100% natural plant aromas. The best plants create the best oils. And small farms support local economies and help reduce global warming too.


Jane Hendler, Founder & Nose

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